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First Light Porta Alchemica® Kit

First Light Porta Alchemica® Kit
12 Planetary Elixirs;
12 Zodiacal Elixirs;
12 Mansions of Life Elixirs;
12 Planetary Anointing Oils;
12 Zodiacal Anointing Oils;
1 Aura Mist

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Five complete Porta Alchémica Elixir and Anointing Oil collections each beautifully presented in gold foiled black gift boxes. Includes one Aura Mist. 12 Planetary Elixirs 12 Zodiacal Elixirs 12 Mansions of Life Elixirs 12 Planetary Anointing Oils 12 Zodiacal Anointing Oils 1 Aura Mist