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Isis-Urania Holy Smoke Ritual Incense


Isis-Urania Holy Smoke Ritual Incense Isis-Urania˙Ritual˙Incense
Adjust to Isis-Urania
30ml jar Ritual Incense

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Use to bridge the worlds and adjust your consciousness to bring you into magical rapport with the creation goddess Isis-Urania.

Made at the optimum time for maximum potency and efficacy, Isis-Urania Ritual Incense can be used to create the perfect sacred ritual atmosphere to anchor the power of the goddess within yourself and into the world. Work with Isis-Urania as a powerful ally to consciously introduce the principles of right relatedness and the powers of light into all aspects and levels of your life.

Isis-Urania is the matron of nature, the patron of magic and the great revealer who makes all things known and all things possible. She is the great goddess of life, death and regeneration and is inseparably associated with alchemy, magic and ritual.

You will require a charcoal tablet and a suitable heat proof dish or incense burner to burn the ritual incense.

  • Light a charcoal tablet (available here)
  • Once fully lit, place on incense burner and wait until glowing red
  • Sprinkle a pinch or two of Isis-Urania Ritual Incense directly on top of glowing charcoal
  • Be careful not to smother the charcoal with too much incense, it is better to repeat at intervals with a little each time

Safety Tips: View these basic tips to ensure your incense burning experiences are safe and pleasant.


Contains: Alchemical blend of Gold and Silver leaf, Dragon's blood, Elemi resin, Myrrh resin, Rose petals, Blue Lotus flowers, Mugwort, Damiana and pure essential oils. Hand crafted from the finest ingredients.

Made in New Zealand.