Gifts from an Unconventional Agent for Change – Full Moon in Aquarius

Gifts from an Unconventional Agent for Change – Full Moon in Aquarius


This month the universe is giving us a second chance!

The full moon on the 23rd of August is the second full moon to occur in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius (the first one was on 24th July).

It is a rare occurrence when the full moon is in the same sign twice in one year, so it can be considered an auspicious ‘second chance’ for us all to really tap into and harness the positive qualities of Aquarius.

Aquarius in its highest expression is the empowered individual and visionary who works for the greater good of all.

Aquarius is considered to be the ‘rebel’ sign of the zodiac. It loves expressing its individuality and uniqueness in unconventional ways through us all.

Free-thinking, innovative and unpredictable, Aquarius (an air sign) is the ‘breath of fresh air’ that breezes into our lives, enlivening our thoughts with uplifting and radical ideas.

It expands our awareness to see beyond ‘me’ and to embrace ‘we’.

It challenges us to think outside the box, to embrace humanitarian ideals and to collectively work for positive social change.

Your invitation this full moon

The alchemists of old worked with the powers of ritual, plants, planets and the stars. They understood that each zodiacal sign and its qualities could be consciously worked with and harnessed within their own consciousness to create positive change.

Now in the 21st century you can participate in a dynamic and co-creative dance with the cosmos to help birth a better world into being.

The power is within you to embody the archetypal individualist, visionary and humanitarian so that together, we can create positive and innovative change in our world.

This full moon invites you, the modern-day alchemist to step into perfect relationship or alignment with Aquarius.

Your 21st century alchemical tools are available at your fingertips!

You can alchemically align and attune yourself to the qualities of Aquarius this full moon and beyond in just a few minutes a day when you take the First Light Porta Alchémica® Aquarius Zodiacal Elixir and anoint yourself with the Aquarius Ritual Anointing Oil.

If you want to really supercharge your life with Aquarian energy, you can use these alchemical formulations in this quick and very powerful magic ritual.

And so, this full moon, I encourage you to embody the visionary within and to bring your unique gifts out into the world…


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In L.V.X.

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