Make Life Magical With Love and Abundance

Make Life Magical With Love and Abundance


In a world full of so many meaningless material possessions, our message to you today is about something that is meaningful…

...particularly around this time of the year, when so many of us are shopping for Christmas presents for people that we truly care about. Love and abundance are two of the most common things that many people want more of in their lives, but they are often stuck in old stories – stories that keep them from enjoying the relationships and material wellbeing that they yearn for.

If you are searching for an impactful gift that can make a positive difference in the life of someone you know who longs to experience more love and fulfilment in their relationships with others or who wants to change their financial situation for the better…

Give them the gifts of love and abundance with the Porta Alchémica® Venus Story Box©!

The Porta Alchémica® Venus Story Box© makes it possible for anyone to:

  • Enjoy more connection and intimacy, and have better relationships with their family and friends
  • Manifest greater abundance so they can experience more security and wealth
  • Work with the art of story alchemy combined with magical ritual so that they can tell a new story for their life


Laura and Paul are creating the lives they want with help from Venus

Laura, a holistic health practitioner is a big fan of the Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations, she uses them on a regular basis and told us:

“I’ve always loved rituals and working with nature. I regularly use the Venus Planetary Elixir and Planetary Anointing Oil to deepen my relationship with Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Whenever I use them I feel a shift within myself and I feel more abundant, worthy and ‘in love’ with life. I feel more receptive.

There are often welcome surprises – a new client or a needed item comes my way in the form of a gift. Using these alchemical formulations helps me tap into and align with the stream of abundance that is available to us all.”

Paul, a financial analyst, wanted to feel more love and to bring the romance back into his relationship. He started using the Venus Planetary Elixir and Anointing Oil and shared this:

“There has been a definite change. We ended up both using the elixir and oil as I told my partner all about them. That was fun, she actually thought I would never do something like this. There have been some very special nights: fun, laughter, romance… I am absolutely amazed by the difference. My partner loves the fragrance of the oil by the way. Thanks again.”

Make life magical for somebody special

This Christmas give someone you love the tools that will help them to create their own new story of wealth, abundance, love and connection…

By working with the extraordinary powers of nature and the cosmos this story box empowers them to become the magician of their own life and to manifest what they truly desire.

Whether they are a complete beginner or someone who already enjoys working with alchemy, magic and ritual, in just a few minutes each day, the Porta Alchémica® Venus Story Box© can help them create profound, positive and lasting changes in their life.


I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.

In L.V.X.

Light in Extension